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massage, foot massage, shoulder massage, neck massage, full body massage, foot soak, ear candling and ear wax removal

At Kang Foot Wellness, we understand your need to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Our signature foot massages will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Kang Foot Wellness also offers shoulder and neck massages as well as full body massages that will revitalize your body, soothes anxiety and improves blood circulation.These massages will enhanced relaxation, boosts immunity, relief from joint pain, and improves sleep and many more.

A 10 minutes fragrant herbal foot soak will also improve blood circulation, eliminate dampness and relieve tiredness as well as promote better appetite. We also provide ear candling and ear wax removal services which will clear wax & debris from the ear canal, eases ear ache, headache, sinus pressure and thus sharpening mental function, vision hearing.

Our therapists with at least 10 years experience in massages are highly trained and skilled, ensuring that you experience only the best from our treatments.